The final ICO round will last from 15 June to 16 July

Last Tokensale round starts
on June 15!



    • 50 NTOK Tokens


    $6 000+

    • 5 000 NTOK Tokens

    • 50 talent hours included

    • Vote for NTOK-X features


    $1 200+

    • 1 000 tokens

    • 10 talent hours included

*Product registration via token sale email is required (so we will be able to link bonuses to the account)


  • Learn new

    You can learn from any expert
    in the ecosystem and get real-time
    online lessons. Boost your skills by
    learning from experienced tutors
    and specialists from all over the world.

  • Launch your
    personal token sale

    Need funds for your education and professional development?
    Tell others about your ideas and start your own token sale.

  • Sell your experience

    Share your knowledge and experience.
    Earn money by teaching other
    NTOK ecosystem users.

  • Personal crowdfunding

    Buy personal tokens from proven users and gain profits
    as their skills grow. Vote for candidates you consider
    the most talented and define who gets a chance
    to launch a personal token sale

NTOK-X users

  • Tutor

    Shares skills and
    gets NTOK Tokens
    or Personal Tokens

  • Student

    Chooses from a wide
    range of skills to learn.
    Pays with NTOK Tokens
    or Personal Tokens

  • Hunter

    Invests in Personal
    Tokens of other users

  • Talent

    Launch personal token sale. Receives money for self-development

More than 3 m

tokens are already sold during the pre-sale and the first Tokensale round
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Teach. Learn. Fundrise.

We are creating a new ecosystem where you will be able to share
your knowledge and to develop your skills

  • Wide range
    of specialists

    Each user shares unique
    knowledge and experience.
    Find a tutor to prepare
    for exams or start learning new

  • Cross-platform

    Service is available on the web
    and for Android and iOS

  • High quality

    Learn from any part of
    the world via our
    peer-to-peer technology.

  • Transparent

    Our team of moderators
    ensures your donating
    to a real person

  • Personal
    Token Sales

    You automatically get your funds
    from your personal token sale.
    Just like in regular crowdfunding

  • Ultimate risk

    Blockchain technologies
    minimize the risks of facked
    ratings or non-professional tutors.

Token sale

  • Token standart


  • Cap on proceeds

    $ 15 mln

  • Token sale starts

    June 15

  • Token sale ends

    July 16

  • 80%

    Marketing & Sales

    Including market entry
    to various countries

  • 7%


    Platform development, blockchain
    implementation and localization
    for various languages & countries

  • 13%


    Reserves, refinancing,
    bolt-on M&A and others



platform is

November 2016


Genezis Capital fund
investment raised.
It is the leading Investment Fund
in Russia keen on early-stage
tech startups with
the primary focus on fintech,
clean energy and education,
Puzzle English is one
of its’ success stories

February 2017


Project expanded to brand
new talent tokenizing
and knowledge sharing

February 2018


1-st public token
sale of NTOK Tokens

March 2018


Alpha-version of
ecosystem is available
for a limited
early access

March 2018


2-nd public token
sale (main part)
of NTOK Tokens

June 2018


NTOK Tokens get
listed on

July 2018


NTOK-X ecosystem
public launch (ver 1.0)

September 2018


Ecosystem allows users
to tokenize their talents
and participate
in Personal token sales

December 2018


Market entry
to Asian countries
(Korea, China, Japan and India)

January 2019

  • Done
  • Now
  • Plans


Blockchain-Based Online Learning Platform To Connect Tutors And Students

A peer-to-peer online learning platform is gearing up to bring the “out of date” education sector into the 21st century by becoming a one-stop shop for tutors and students...

  • 19.03.2018

    There is a real buzz around new EdTech companies such as at the moment. They are creating a future vision of global learning and tuition that uses blockchain technology...

  • 01.03.2018

    2018年2月16日、個別指導運営のTutor Ninjaは、300万ドル規模のプレセールを支援したトークンホールダーならびにNTOKエコ システムのパートナーと会合を行った。公開トークンセールは計画どおり2018年3月1日から開始される。...

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